Paw-fect Memories

Paw-fect Memories

Recently one of our customers, a dog owner, found comfort in a unique offering from Turtleworks. After losing his cherished dog, Yuki, he was searching for a special way to keep the memories of his companion alive.

Our customer's sweet dog, Yuki.

We designed a personalized keepsake for the owner — using an outline of Yuki's paw print, we embroidered it into a hat for the owner to wear. Now, wherever the owner goes, a small but significant piece of Yuki accompanies him. The process of digitally transforming Yuki's paw print into an embroidery design

This personalized service isn't limited to pet lovers; we're extending our craftsmanship to commemorate new additions to the lives of customers, such as a baby's feet                                                    and thoughtful wedding gifts. 

Testing the stitching of the paw print.

We are constantly trying to find new ways to use our designs to bring more beauty into the lives of our customers, and this is a simple yet heartfelt way to transform meaningful moments into tangible keepsakes.