Customer's Short Stories

Customer's Short Stories

In the past year, Turtleworks has provided for over 240 businesses and individuals. Here are 4 heartwarming customer stories that show the power of embroidery in the community. We hope they inspire you to design your own embroidery to empower the special needs community or give a personalized gift for your family and friends!











 1. New Baby Blankets

The mother of a young lady with autism came to Turtleworks with two faded blankets. She had them since she was young and still holds on to them every day, which has made them worn out. As a present, her mother wanted to get her new blankets that looked the same. We felt touched by her story and embroidered identical new ones so she could continue to be comforted by her cherished blankets!

old hat
new hat











2. A customer came in with an old hat from a program in Antarctica he attended many years ago. He wanted to make a new hat with the same pattern. When he received it, he was so excited he ordered more for his family members and kids!






3. This family had to postpone their family reunion from 2020 to 2022, so Turtleworks helped design this pattern to commemorate the late but memorable time they had in Hawaii! They were really happy with the result.

potholder with logo
vocational training session








4. The real estate business MaxReal donated money to help special needs clients' vocational training. As a gift, we made potholders that they can give to their clients to help their brand be recognized.