Special Delivery Service

Special Delivery Service

At Turtleworks,  our mission is the cornerstone of our company. We believe that continually  supporting people with special needs can foster  their learning and growth. A recent case is especially heartwarming. Our owner, Sherry Meng, got to know Clara, a young lady with special needs who struggled to adjust back to a social life after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Clara was known to be a particularly extroverted and lively young woman before the pandemic. She thrived socially and even worked consistently at a part-time job. However, due to the isolation that came with the pandemic lockdown, her willingness to interact with others and maintain her social life declined. The activities she once loved—such as attending church or working—became daunting tasks, and she insisted on self-isolating even after lockdown mandates were alleviated. Her father was most disheartened by this, as he had once known his daughter to be a joyful social butterfly.

Hearing of this, Sherry decided to reach out to Clara’s family. Speaking to Clara’s father, Sherry learned that Clara enjoyed tasks that allowed her to be of service. Knowing how important a job could be for Clara’s personal fulfillment, Sherry launched Turtleworks’s first ever special delivery service. Met with this new opportunity,  Clara was instructed to deliver Turtleworks apparel to local customers. 

Clara was delighted by her new job of carrying out order deliveries. At the very least, it gave her a reason to leave home and help out others in her community. Although Clara was fully satisfied with the gratification of completing her work and did not want any money for it, Sherry began adding money to a gift card for each task Clara completed. When Clara was finally given the gift card, she used it to treat her father to a cup of coffee. Touched by the gesture, Clara’s father was filled with pride for her. Likewise, Clara was thankful for her father’s constant support. Verifying the address for each delivery and driving her from house to house, her father worked a tireless job to make Clara’s success possible. 

Turtleworks continues to find ways we can help more people like Clara overcome obstacles and even find joy amid struggles. Our mission —“Empowering workers with special needs to break out of their shells, one stitch at a time”—remains our first priority, and we’re encouraged by the lives we’ve touched. Every person who finds new reason to believe in themselves is another caretaker of our community.