Enhancing Hard and Soft Skills at Turtleworks

Enhancing Hard and Soft Skills at Turtleworks

Turtleworks has been operating for three and a half years, providing hands-on training for young adults and school students with special needs in personalized computerized embroidery. We have worked with school districts and adult day programs to train students in practical work skills and soft skills.

Turtleworks is proud to be the first business in personalized computerized embroidery to provide a hands-on training place for young adults and students with special needs. The students participate in the production process of customized embroidery apparels for customers through learning how to ensure work quality and to improve work efficiency. Through their hard work, they’ve received appreciation from the community. 

The students also learn problem-solving skills from the issues they encounter in their daily work, such as the machine malfunctioning and thread breaking. They’ve learned how to identify problems, come up with solutions, and eventually create wonderful products. 

Turtleworks assigns different job positions based on each student’s abilities, using their strengths to build their confidence. Turtleworks provides a collaborative working environment for understanding and support. Our interns grow and thrive during their time at Turtleworks.

Turtleworks focuses on personalized learning methods, teaching students based on their unique learning and cognitive abilities. The methods include demonstrations, drawings, writing simple steps, and asking students to take notes. They also teach them how to ensure punctuality, improve work efficiency, get along with colleagues, communicate with customers, and make their work enjoyable. While students enhance their hard and soft skills, their parents are also satisfied and comfortable.

During our time with the students, we’ve noticed holes in the parents’ ways of educating children. We believe parents need to start training their children from a young age and constantly improve their cognitive and problem-solving abilities. Regardless of the children’s abilities, parents should give their children a lot of encouragement. While the children improve, parents also need to learn and search for healthy methods to communicate with their children. One way to start is to teach them new technology skills to improve efficiency and capabilities in this modern world.

At Turtleworks, we give our workers a great amount of encouragement, building their confidence and making them feel accomplished. When they leave work, they leave with a happy heart, and Turtleworks is gratified.